So you’ve decided to convert your basement into a secondary living space. The next big choice is who you should have complete the work? This article will give you the pros and cons and show you the very best choice for your specific needs.

Though your average home builder may certainly be qualified to do the job from a skill perspective, your average builder will have many limitations when it comes to this kind of work.

Most builders simply have one or two basic layouts for basement conversions and don’t take your unique situation or desires into account. They simply ‘make their plan fit’ over the top of your particular basement.

Here at Tartin, we don’t even pick up a single tool until, we sit down with you, listen to you, take those ideas, and create a custom drawing to help you visualize your new space. Once approved our skilled craftsmen can then use it to transform your old basement into the basement of your dreams.

If you are looking for some inspiration here are 14 ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.


While cost shouldn’t be the only factor involved in your decision it is definitely an important one when it comes to having this kind of work done. If you work with a builder and insist on too many ‘specific changes’ outside of their main general plan, that can also cause the price to skyrocket, even more, putting the entire project out of the reach of your budget.

This is why most builders tend to be a bit overpriced when doing basement transitions such as this. Since we specialize in basement conversions, our pricing is far more competitive than home builders.

Here at Tartin, our entire game plan is built around what you want and need, not some basic ‘cookie-cutter’ plan that we are going to try and fit over the top of the space you have, so our costs already start low. They do not go up when you need ‘specific changes’ because the entire plan is built around your specific needs.


We are absolute experts in our field and have a long history of being the best in this area. Having worked with numerous very happy clients, we maintain constant communication at all times. In fact, you’ll have the owner’s phone number and can contact him at any time should any issue arise or even if you simply have a question about your job.

We use only highly skilled and professionally trained personnel on our jobs and maintain an extremely clean worksite at all times. We do a full clean-up each day and have many clients who comment about how clean the worksite is throughout the process.

Because we use only the best, fully vetted artisans who specialize in this kind of work, you can rest assured that the work we do here at Tartin is of the highest, top-quality basement conversion work you will receive anywhere. Each job we do is custom-designed to fit your specific basement area as well as your needs and, therefore, will be of the highest workmanship quality guaranteed.

We also offer a second to none warranty on all of our work. The same craftsmen that did the original work will be the ones who come out to service any warranty needs so that they will be uniquely familiar with your conversion and any needs you need may have.

As stated, most contract builders will have a couple of basic basement conversion plans that they will have you choose from, and they will force-fit that plan onto your basement area. So you will not be getting the custom, unique design that not only takes into consideration your needs and desires but is also specifically created to fit your basement area.


All you will get from most builders is a cookie-cutter plan that they ‘make fit’ over your specific space, then nickel and dime you for each special change you want to that overall plan, which, as we explained, will simply drive the cost through the roof!

Not to mention, any contract builder will quote and charge you on the high end of the spectrum from the beginning of the job, and that’s if you stick to one of their basic plans. In addition, they will charge you the most for supplies and labor and, in most cases, will not have the highly skilled labor nor the one-on-one communication that you can expect and will receive from Tartin.

That’s because here at Tartin, this is what we specialize in. We have been a leading name in basement conversions for a long time with many extremely happy clients. This is because of the unique, specific designs we can offer, the one-on-one communication, the dramatically lower overall cost, our highly skilled and vetted craftsman, and our second to none client relations. We make 100% sure you get exactly what you want at a great price!

So, when it comes to getting a custom basement conversion done the way you want, with a low price and kind of flexibility and quality craftsmanship you can count on, choosing between a building contractor and Tartin is a no-brainer. If you are looking for the very best price on the very best work available, you need to look no further than Tartin.