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What are the Legal Suite Calgary requirements for Basement?

We’ll first list the requirements for Calgary’s “basement suites” or secondary suites, then we will go into more detail. The legal basement suite requirements for Calgary are:

  • Separate bathroom on the main floor
  • Separate kitchen from the main floor
  • A separate entrance that is accessible without having to go through the main building. Each unit can have a shared staircase, but it must also have its own entryway.
  • Bedrooms with proper exit windows.

Legal Suite Calgary Break this down.

Legal Suite Calgary It seems simple to have a separate bathroom on the main floor. You may have to pay a lot if you need to add new ventilation and plumbing. Consider flooring, fixtures and amenities. Toilet, sink, shower, and tub are all required. If necessary, a shower/tub combination can be used.

Calgary Basement Developments You will need to create a separate area for the kitchen from the main floor. This kitchenette must include the basics of cooking. If you want to be fancy,Legal Suite Calgary add a dishwasher or other features. However, this will increase the cost. When renovating your suite in the basement, be sure to keep costs down and impress tenants. Tartin Basement Developments are able to help you with this.

A separate entryway. A separate entrance that’s different from the one you use to enter the home as the owner is required. If your home already has an exit in the basement, you can save money. Otherwise, you will need to install it.

Legal Suite Calgary Bedrooms with proper exit windows. The City of Calgary will determine the required width and height of these windows, which are used as emergency escape routes in case of fire or disaster.

It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Let’s first discuss the benefits of adding an additional suite to your existing or new home.

What are the advantages of adding a suite to your basement?

Calgary Basement Developments A basement suite is a great way to earn extra income without having to own and maintain a separate property. In a sense, you are a landlord in that you live in the same property as your tenant. You can offset your mortgage payment Legal Suite Calgary by collecting a monthly rental after your basement suite is rented. Rent money is a great passive income if your mortgage has been paid. It can also be used to save for retirement. Basement suites are also easier to maintain than second properties and cost less. It’s a great way to earn extra income.

Legal Suite Calgary Basements

A basement suite is also attractive to buyers. Legal Suite Calgary A secondary or income suite could increase the value of your home if you plan to sell it in the near future. Renters in Calgary are attracted to basement suites because of the C-train system and city buses.

Basement Development Calgary What is another benefit that has nothing to do with your income? A basement suite is a great place to have a family retreat when needed. You can use a basement suite to help a parent that needs assisted living, but isn’t ready to move into a home. Or, if you’d like them to remain close by. If you have a child that is not quite ready to leave home but would like to be more independent, a basement apartment could be the ideal solution. 

Legal Secondary Suite Calgary are also a good solution if your family is often visiting Calgary from other cities and you would like them to be more comfortable. You can keep your family connected by creating your basement suite in accordance with the BASEMENT SUITES REQUIREMENTS FOR CALGARY.

Calgary Basement Developments If you no longer rent out the basement suite to tenants or to family members, it can be easily redesigned into an office, Basement Development Calgary playroom or even a small bar for entertaining guests.

What’s the difference between an illegal and Legal Suite Calgary?

As bylaws are constantly changing, it is easy for your basement suite to fall into the illegal category” without much thought. Calgary’s basement suite bylaws were put into place in 2014. Legal Suite Calgary They will be rectified in June of 2020.

For homeowners who apply before May 31, 2020 to have their basement suite legalized, the bylaws from 2014 must be met to be considered as “a EXISTING LEGAL SUITE”, and the updates for 2019/2020 to be considered as a “new Suite.”Tartin Basement Developments  According to the new bylaws, all new units must also have a separate heating source such as a fireplace, and meet the exterior star specifications. Legal Suite Calgary What’s the difference in a legal basement suite and an illegal one?

Any suite built without the proper permits, Basement Development Calgary or in a part of the city that does not allow secondary/basement apartments is illegal. Your suite is legal if it was built according to the specifications of the city and meets all requirements. You’ll have to update/renovate your suite to meet current regulations, if bylaws change or are updated.

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