Calgary Basement Development Cost For those seeking to enjoy the finer things in life such as spending time with family and friends, romantic getaways on the beach and so forth, a specialized home renovation means improving one’s quality of life. It takes time and effort to create your very own customized basement renovation with all the bells, whistles, and features you’ve always wanted.

The cost of building a basement in Calgary can be very different. The sky is the limit for those who have a limited budget. Most of us want something more practical and cost-effective that speaks of a higher level of craftsmanship and functionality in our lives.

Calgary Basement Development Cost

Tartin Basement Developments Builders has a variety of options for a basement in Calgary that can range from $33,000 to $40,000. The cost can go up from there but you can get a beautiful, functional, 600-square-foot, 4-piece basement starting at $33,000.

Customers in Calgary can upgrade their basements to suit their needs. There are endless options, including wet bars, gyms with open concepts, gas fireplaces and play areas for kids. The whole process is made easier when you know that these features can be included in your basement. Calgary Basement Development Tartin Basement Developments wants their customers to be aware that adding to the basic package is more cost-effective during the initial construction. Upgrades to the basement after it has been completed can result in additional costs. It’s not to mention the inconvenience of a construction basement.

All additional pricing specifications can be viewed on the Tartin Basement Developments webpage:

Initial Consultation

First, the basement renovations in Calgary begin with a walk-through. Tartin Basement Developments will work with the client to understand their vision and then submit the plans for approval.

If you make changes to your building plans after they have been submitted, it can cause the approval process to be delayed. Make sure to know exactly what you want and check with Tartin Basement Developments that it’s on the plans before you submit them.

Tartin Basement Developments enjoys a good working relationship with Calgary, which makes the approval of building proposals a seamless process. Working with a professional, well-established company in Calgary is a great benefit. Tartin Basement Developments is proud to say that they’ve never failed an inspection by the City of Calgary.


Tartin Basement Developments has a vast network of highly-skilled local trades that can help you create your new basement with ease. The trades include framing and HVAC, as well as plumbers, electricians. drywall, flooring, tile, finish carpenters and painters.

Calgary basement Development Cost A reputable cabinetry firm may be on the list if you need specialty additions such as a built-in bar or feature. You may need to hire a specialist tradesperson for certain additions, such as wall and fireplace features.

Calgary basement Development Cost Tartin Basement Developments is always looking for a flooring company that can help them complete basement developments. Tartin Basement Developments relies on Richard’s expertise from Tartin Basement Developments, located in Calgary.

Richard was contacted to learn more about the role he plays in the basement construction process. We discussed the importance of Tartin Basement Developments being involved in this process and how they work together to produce a quality result. Richard said:

It’s important to always have a basement developer. Calgary basement Development Cost Cost To Develop Basement in Calgary Tartin Basement Developments is a specialist in this area. This is an important part my job. There are many people who want to develop their own projects, but it is not possible without a development company. It is crucial to make it happen.

Many people do it themselves, but there are many parts that are missing when it comes down to the basement. It’s important to hire someone who knows about framing, basement development and the other parts.

“We’re a professional installation and supply operation. I try to guide Tartin Basement Developments clients to the right products. Many times, the clients of Tartin Basement Developments may not come to the store. Tartin Basement Developments will bring samples of their product to the site. Customers can choose between carpet and vinyl plank. Vinyl planks are always an upgrade for the customer.

I’ve been in this business for many years and the times have changed. Carpet is not popular in basements any more. Vinyl plank is a popular choice because it’s water-resistant, kid-proof, and pet-proof.

“In many cases, these houses do not have in-floor heat. Calgary basement Development Cost If they want to increase the warmth factor of their home I recommend installing a cork floor underlayment on top and then clicking down the floor over it.”

A trustworthy company that understands the construction process is essential. It is crucial to have someone on your team who can provide professional oversight, manage time and be reliable during a major home renovation.


Calgary basement Development Cost A fully developed basement is a much more appealing purchase for those with families. Cost To Develop Basement in Calgary Renovating your basement will increase the value of your home.

How would a basement that is fully developed affect the price of a house with $33,000 invested in it? Blake related:

“The sale price is almost comparable and it all depends on the price of the house. If you did a $33,000 home renovation, it would be in the $350,000 range. You’d probably lose money.

You would gain some money if you did a renovation of $33,000 on the high end. In a buyer’s market, the main factor is saleability. The sellers who have spent the money to finish their basements will be ahead of other listings without a finished cellar. This will likely make the difference in getting a premium price, as opposed with another listing that does not have a finished cellar.

Calgary basement Development Cost Blake was also asked if a home that has a finished basement would be more appealing to families, and if it’s more likely to be sold to a family because of the basement.

“Yes, absolutely. Especially now that people value space so much. They need office space. Many people work remotely, or spend three days in the office and three days at home. They need the extra space, and they may use the space that was previously the kidsarea to create an office. This means they will have to move to a different area which is usually in the basement.

“A finished basement is very valuable in this regard.”

It’s a huge undertaking to renovate your basement. The right experts can make your Calgary basement project a huge success. You can add value to an existing house that is priced higher and end up with more money from the sale. Calgary basement Development Cost With Tartin Basement Developments handling your basement project, you can be sure that your project is in the best possible hands.

Tartin Basement Developments offers endless possibilities. We are looking forward to your Calgary Basement Development projects. Please feel free to contact us for an estimate.