Calgary finds itself amidst a housing crisis, with a staggering one in five households unable to meet the costs of their current residences. This translates to 80,000 households dedicating over 30% of their income to housing expenses.

The city’s predicament is exacerbated by a combination of factors: low vacancy rates, rent hikes surpassing the norm, and soaring home prices. These challenges threaten Calgary’s standing as one of the world’s most livable cities.

In order to alleviate this burden and secure the well-being of Calgary’s present and future generations, it is imperative that we increase the availability of diverse housing options across all neighborhoods. We have a comprehensive plan in place to achieve this goal

The Housing Strategy of the City of Calgary outlines concrete steps that our city can undertake to tackle the housing crisis and eliminate obstacles to affordable housing and economic well-being

It encompasses five key objectives:

  • Augmenting housing availability
  • Backing affordable Housing Organizations
  • Assisting The City’s housing subsidiaries
  • Guaranteeing housing options cater to the requirements of marginalized communities
  • Fulfilling the affordable housing requirements of Indigenous residents in Calgary

The strategy encompasses a total of 33 actions recommended by the Housing and Affordability Task Force, along with several new actions and 38 actions previously approved by the Council that are already in progress.

These proposed actions are designed to enhance the supply of both market-rate and affordable housing, ensuring a diverse range of housing options is available in all neighborhoods to meet the needs of all Calgarians.

There have been numerous questions from the community, particularly regarding two specific actions: parking and rezoning. This document offers additional information on these parking and rezoning actions for your consideration.

The City of Calgary’s Housing Strategy is scheduled for review by Council members during the Community Development Committee meeting on September 14th. Residents of Calgary have the opportunity to learn about the strategy and voice their opinions at this meeting. To participate in person, by phone, or through written submission, please sign up in advance at


The Housing and Affordability Task Force was established to confront Calgary’s housing crisis and the pressing need for expanded housing options and affordability. Comprising 15 diverse experts with backgrounds in construction, research, and lived experiences spanning various aspects of the housing spectrum, the task force convened in September 2022.

Their primary mandate was to provide Council with insights and policy suggestions pertaining to the enhancement, evaluation, and management of housing affordability and affordable housing along the entire housing continuum. Drawing upon their collective expertise, the task force put forth six recommendations and 33 actionable items for The City’s consideration, with the aim of fostering a more equitable, inclusive, and affordable housing market in Calgary.

For a deeper understanding of the task force’s recommendations and actions, as well as their potential implications, please explore the details below. Additionally, you can visit our Engage page to access further information about the project.